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Starting from 2008 we have served companies working on networking products for the enterprise. Our products show a rich experience in solving live customer problems and employ state of the art technology in solving them in an effective and easy to use manner with our web interface. Our products are 100% cluster ready and easily deployed.


Our Products

Mail server,spam control and firewall for SMEs


A mail server with webmail,LDAP addressbook,user defined limits, per user rules all accessible from a easy to use web interface. Users can edit their own settings ,setup vacation rules or modify login credentials. Temporary users can be created that expire automatically. The product is 100% free.

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A state of the art e-mail security gateway product with ability to filter the spam out of your network providing network level spam protection. It is totally mail server agnostic and clustering is free. You have recipient and sender blocking,MIME type filtering and user training of false negatives.

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A firewall and VPN appliance with Netflow traffic monitoring, packet filtering, traffic shaping, captive portal and server load balancing. You can setup firewall rules for hosts or host groups and activate time based rules. PPTP/L2TP VPNs as well as IPsec and OpenVPNs are supported.

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